Month: July 2012

Welcome to Atomicsushi Land!

In the past 20 years i produced a mix of Rock, Pop and Electronic Music. Since 2007, i am mainly doing Electronic Music under the Artistname Nevada Kid™. I am always interested in doing commissioned work for advertisements or computer games. I am glad to help you with your music or production. Just shoot me an email. Check out my beautiful Flash site (dsgn/prgm: Thanks to Peter Ruschel!) for older examples and references. Find the most recent examples in Music projects.

Songwriter and Soundtrack Services

Songwriter Services

  • Demo Recording High quality recording & mixing services
  • Arranging I can fine tune the song with creative arranging
  • Co-writing Need another verse or a bridge? Have a lyric, but need a tune? Song co-writing is available.
  • Production Creative direction to fulfill your vision Complete project management
  • Mastering Affordable pre-mastering & mastering services
  • Remixing A+B Side Remixes, Radio Edits, Club-Mixes


Soundtrack Services

  • Creative Sound Design Custom sounds for film, video, games, multimedia, theatre, & animation Commercial and Industry-Film