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Hey – i’m looking for Musicians (m/f) !

Looking for a Vocalist, Guitarist, Keyboarder, …

I want to write / finish songs, form a band, rehearse and play live!

Style: Rock Pop Indie Electronic Club – with a good mix of acoustic and electronic instruments, mostly song oriented but tracks can also have “session character”.

Ideally, you should bring in some good experience & musical understanding, ideas, dedication, fun and love. 🙂

Please contact me and send some demos.

Cheers, Michael

Welcome to Atomicsushi Land!

In the past 20 years i produced a mix of Rock, Pop and Electronic Music. Since 2007, i am mainly doing Electronic Music under the Artistname Nevada Kid™. I am always interested in doing commissioned work for advertisements or computer games. I am glad to help you with your music or production. Just shoot me an email. Check out my beautiful Flash site (dsgn/prgm: Thanks to Peter Ruschel!) for older examples and references. Find the most recent examples in Music projects.